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hot tub walkwayWalkways to the Pool over gravel or concrete

Keeps dirt, grass, & mud out of the pool & the house.

Narrow Spacing between the Walkway Slats is best for bare feet around the pool.

roll out walkway sidewalk

Walkway around the Yard & Garden.

Pressure Treated Pine with No Spacing was used so the grass would not grow between the slats.

curved roll out walkway roll out walkway ipe

30" Wide

Narrow Spacing


Roll out Beach walkway

roll out beach walkway



Roll Out Beach Walkways work perfect over the dunes and all types of sand and small gravel. A perfect solution to protect bare feet from the hot temperatures!

Protects the dunes from pedestrian erosion. Helps keep sand out of the house. Makes the walk to & from the beach a snap instead of an ordeal.

Narrow Spacing is our most popular option as it's most comfortable on bare feet and when pushing strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, etc. 

Wide Spacing will lower the weight for easier storage and can be easier to walk over steep dunes

roll out beach walkwaytrex lake walkway



Easily install with no power tools. Simply Roll Out and enjoy your walkway! Can be installed permanently or stored seasonally. 

custom shower mat

roll out shower mat teak ipe

roll out shower mat teak ipe

Perfect for Saunas, Hot Tubs, and Indoor & Outdoor  Showers!

Narrow Spacing is recommended for drainage


Pictured: Teak/Ipe Narrow Spacing              Roll Out Shower Mats

Contact us today for a quote on a custom Shower or Sauna Mat! Standard sizes available for purchase may be browsed here: https://www.mrboardwalk.com/showermatprice.html 

roll out deck parquet teak ipe roof deckroll out deck trex parquet pebble grey

Our Roll Out Deck sections are the perfect addition to your sand, gravel, or grass outdoor living space, balcony, or terrace.            Teak/Ipe and Trex: Pebble Grey pictured above installed in a parquet pattern. 

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